Md. Rafiqul Islam - Full Stack Web Developer

Passionate about writing code that is highly efficient and optimized, works fast on majority of platforms and is easy to maintain.
I’ve been programming professionally for more than 4years, specializing in web front-end and server back-end development. During my career I participated in several highly complex projects, including a high-load server development for AOL Inc. My passion is web development and I’m always looking for challenging opportunities in creating web sites or web applications including, but not limited, to:


Responsive and adaptive website or web application development with Bootstrap 3 / Foundation 5 / UIkit / Semantic UI or any other framework of your choice, or from scratch.


Beautiful website design and development from the ground up, in a team with a professional web designer.


Highly effective website development. A WordPress website with a custom theme can be optimized to load within 1 or 2 seconds, much faster than a majority of sites out there. That provides a great customer experience and an edge in Google ranking.


WordPress custom theme development or WordPress template customization. Themes I create are fully responsive on both mobile and desktop screens and are very easy to maintain. I can offer a range of solutions that can make your site very easy to maintain and customize without help of a professional programmer.


WordPress plug-in development and customization. A plug-in can be created from scratch or I can modify any existing WordPress plug-in to serve your purpose.


I like challenges, have solid skills of problem solving and able to work independently.¬†I prefer complex projects that require utmost skills over more simple ones. I’m a strong believer in quality over quantity. Dependable and reliable. I will never leave you behind and will come to support you even after the project is over.


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