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How to dynamic mixitup Or isotop in wordpress ?

posted by Solaiman in Tips And Tricks, Video Tutorial, Wordpress

  Source code for dynamic mixitup Or isotop : functions.php file ======================================================================== [crayon-5cb36b234b46b371796312/] [crayon-5cb36b234b474447631708/] [crayon-5cb36b234b479562450629/] [crayon-5cb36b234b482940112208/] Query for your portfolio =================================================================== [crayon-5cb36b234b488649534523/] [crayon-5cb36b234b48b915463179/] [crayon-5cb36b234b48e775433672/]    ..

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How to Add Breadcrumb In WordPress ?

posted by Solaiman in Tips And Tricks, Wordpress

In this tutorial I will show you how to add Breadcrumb in WordPress. It’s very easy way to add Breadcrumb. Firstly, you add the below code in your theme’s functions.php file: Use the following code where you need to display Breadcrumb:   You can also just try styling it..

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